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a story-obsessed epistemophiliac

all I want is to know

31 July
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Hello! If you're trying to find my fanfiction (if you found this page through a story I wrote, for example), I suggest you look over my fanfic journal, glad_fics. If what you're looking for isn't there, it's probably over at my AO3 account (favicongladdecease).

For those of you not looking for fic, hi! I'm Meredith. I'm 23, Jewish, aro-ace, and prefer she/her pronouns. I go by gladdecease just about everywhere, but my proper name is just as good. I graduated from college in 2012 with a major in Science!™ I am now partially employed as a study coordinator/data entry personnel. While I look for a full-time job, I while away the hours with fanfiction, television, and comics. Not just English-language stuff, either; I spent a decent amount of time learning Japanese during high school and college, and I'll readily admit my reasons for doing so included "Maybe I won't need subtitles anymore!" (Sorry, past me. Not happening.)

Yes, I am one of Those People, the kind that learns a language just for dorky purposes. If I was religiously inclined at all, I'd probably have learned Hebrew, or Aramaic, or Greek or Latin or something instead. But I'm not. I don't like religion. I find it hard to have faith, and though I admire people and characters who do, I relate more to satirical cynics. I like stories with idiot heroes that don't get everything quite right, but get it close enough. I like impossible worlds and imaginary creatures that take me away from the normalcy of my life. And I like romances, stories that make me feel what the character feels, all their pain and their joy and everything between. And I like reading it all more than watching it.

And if you can't figure out from that whether or not we'd get along, you can always glance down at my interests.

This journal is mostly friends-only because my family is weird about fandom, but also try to keep track of me online. What is unlocked and what is friends-only varies; generally fandom is unlocked and real life is friends-only, so even if I don't friend you back you shouldn't miss out on much. I tend not to automatically friend back, but if I like what I see on your lj, I might change my mind.
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