Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

so it goes

I started watching The West Wing last week (on season two, no spoilers please!), and I read The Book Thief today, and they made me think of Vonnegut.

You may be thinking "okay, yeah, I can see how the themes of the effects of war and the somewhat time-fluid narrative/unusual narrator could connect Vonnegut to The Book Thief, but The West Wing? What??

I haven't read as much of Vonnegut as I'd like, but one thing that consistently strikes me about his works is the apparently random scenes - sometimes just sentences - that he intersperses a more coherent a/o linear narrative with, bringing up that same scene once every few chapters, not really seeming to make a point with it... only to punch you in the face with its relevance and deeper meaning right at the climax.

It's something The Book Thief did, and it's a technique that The West Wing uses in more lighthearted contexts, and it is maybe the one thing I want to successfully accomplish in a piece of fiction.
Tags: books, i'm a strange person, writing frustrates me, writing rocks

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