Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

a look back at 2013, ficcishly

Happy New Year, all! I thought I'd take the opportunity to look back on what I've written two different ways.

this year i made:
  • 80,873 words in 51 fics
  • 30 minutes and 45 seconds of spoken word in 3 podfics

fandoms with the most fic:
  • Star Trek: DS9/Supernatural (13 fics)
  • Star Trek: DS9 (18 fics including the above)
  • Supernatural (17 fics, including the above)
  • Star Trek: AOS (4 fics, 2 podfics)

fandoms with the most words:
  1. Star Trek: AOS (23,681 words)
  2. Star Trek: DS9/Supernatural (14,601 words)
  3. (i didn't bother counting below that, since it's a pretty big jump to third place)

fics with the most words:
  1. The Concatenation
  2. Werewolf in the Fold
  3. Rough Waters
  4. [title removed b/c [community profile] fandom_stocking]
  5. Eleventeenth-Hour Decision

fics with the most hits:
  1. The Bus
  2. Polite Secrets
  3. the resemblance IS uncanny...
  4. Swapped
  5. Trying Promises

fics with the most kudos:
  1. The Bus
  2. Swapped
  3. Barriers, Both Cultural and Physiological
  4. Hearing Things
  5. self-rescuing damsel

fics with the most bookmarks:
  1. The Bus
  2. Ripples
  3. Hearing Things
  4. Polite Secrets
  5. self-rescuing damsel

some Fic-Related Events of note:

Did you write more or less than you thought you would this year?
Did I think I would write an average of a fic a week this year? No.

Did I think I would write almost half again as much this year as I've written any other single year? Hell no.

But I did write a lot, which was as specific as my thoughts got: "Great, I'm out of school, I should start looking for a job! ...I'll probably write a lot of fic instead."

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
Risks...? I wouldn't say that. I worried less about whether or not anyone would read my fics - I rarely bothered to crosspost or advertise them anywhere, so the response they got was almost entirely based on the thirty-odd subscribers I have on AO3 and people scrolling through/subscribed to the tags I used. And in worrying less about readership/reader response, I wrote a number of fics I'd hesitated to write for some time, whether because the fandom was intimidating for one reason or another or because the idea seemed too grand in scope for me to write "right".

If you can call that a risk, then I'd say I learned that I shouldn't be intimidated so much by fandoms I'm new to - though I'm still fighting that impulse with certain fandoms - and that sometimes an idea is too grand in scope... until you take it from a different angle.

Biggest disappointment of 2013:
Probably The Concatenation? The story loses a lot of good moments by being stuck in Kirk's POV the whole time, and the narrow focus doesn't really present any bonuses to make up for that. Third omniscient would've probably been better for the story, honestly - but if I ever tackle this plot again, it's going to be very different. And not written on such a tight deadline.

I think I might do an alt POV drabble series as a side story to the fic, eventually? Just to give some of those other characters voices.

Biggest surprise of 2013:
I'm kind of surprised Polite Secrets has gotten as many hits/bookmarks as it has. I mean, Victorian era!fake married!Joanlock from closeted trans!Ms Hudson's POV? In a short ficlet? If it was longer, showed more of how everyone got there, then yeah! I'd get the appeal. But this is very much a telling-not-showing fic, so...

I do like how well I avoided use of pronouns and titles for Ms. Hudson, though. (She isn't really aware of the concept of being transgender, though she does know she likes to crossdress... and that "he" and "him" and "Mister" don't quite feel right.)

Story I'm proudest of:
Probably All-Giving! Next to The Concatenation and Sem-rik, it's the oldest fic idea I put into words this year, and unlike the others I'm really satisfied by it as a stand-alone work. It does what I wanted to do with the idea, and I think it's a plausible endgame for the canon. (Not that the canon's ever going to end, or give Akako more than a minor assisting role in the events.)

Most popular story:
The Bus, no question! I'm not surprised - Night Vale is one of this year's Big New Fandoms, and I put to metaphoric paper an idea that had been circulating tumblr in several independently popular posts for weeks. I don't think it's perfect - if I wanted to make a canon-style fic, I shoulda added more stuff unrelated to the events, a traffic update or something, and I did not even remotely do Cecil's "extend a philosophically uplifting message to the listeners" thing justice.

Still, it's pretty good.

Sexiest story:
Haha, like I write sexy stories. I suppose you can read between the lines and find a bit of sexiness in Basorexia, but it's still G-rated sexiness.

Most fun story:
Either Moving Day (bb!Jaime being super cute and all) or Swapped (tropey Sleepy Hollow fic: did you mean EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED).

Easiest story to write:
'Virgin' Sacrifice got written pretty quickly. (So did a lot of the DS9/SPN stories written for trope_bingo round one amnesty, but I wouldn't say those were easy to write, just fast.) Oh, or Ripples! I did very little editing that wasn't format-related when I brought that over to AO3.

Hardest story to write:
The Concatenation? Rough Waters? Barriers, Both Cultural and Physiological? At least Rough Waters is functional, and I like the final product for Barriers.

Story that could have been better:
I've already mentioned how unsatisfied I am with The Concatenation, but nothing else is quiet as dissatisfying. Probably because nothing else had nearly so much effort put into it.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe:
I thought more people would like Werewolf in the Fold. It's gotten more attention than a good number of my fics, but it's Teen Wolf and Star Trek. Even if it had been isolated to AO3 (and it wasn't; since it was an exchange fic I crossposted it around), I'd expect more attention. More hits at least, if no reader response. But I guess since Stiles isn't there and I implicitly killed off Derek...

Story I never thought I'd write:
I don't think there's much outside my comfort zones written this year - with the exception of a few fandoms I'd never thought I would touch. The real surprise is probably that I've attempted podfic.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
Ripples inherently made me think a lot about Carol Marcus. It was the first thing I wrote after viewing STID, so I wouldn't say it really changed my perceptions so much as established them. The Cure, and related AU!"The Wire" stuff, has really cemented how I see Julian Bashir, Moral Doctor. I just need to find a way to make that coexist with Julian Bashir, Privileged Douchecanoe.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:
Unintentionally telling of what? That I have a lot of opinions about comics that almost got written back in the 90s? That I really like opposites attract friendships? That there are some characters I refuse to let die (literally or fannishly)?

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?
Get comfortable enough with Les Mis to finish writing and post the obverse fics! Get a thing done for each of my active prompt tables! Get things written for WIPs and series!

Don't feel obligated to match this year's output. It's amazing, and left you feeling amazing, but if you can't manage it that's okay. c:
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