Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

long time no see~

I dunno how it is for you guys, but seeing all these posts on my friendslist again? It inspires a girl, a little, to get back into blogging.

Just a little bit.

Produce stands - a bit like a cross between a farmer's market and your neighbor's cart of their extra homegrown corn on the side of the road - pop up around here during the summer, on abandoned stretches of tarmac. Parking lots to buildings that no longer exist, mostly, which is a good plan! I feel much more comfortable pulling into one of those lots than parking on the side of an already narrow road.

I always mean to stop at places like that, but I only think of it when I'm already driving past to go somewhere, and the way I manage my driving time there's no way I can make a stop like that. But yesterday, after my appointment with my therapist, I made time!

I bought a little basket (...bushel? minibushel? idk) of nectarines, since they were just barely ripe and smelled amazing, as well as a well-endowed watermelon. See, my dad has this real passion for watermelon, but every one he's bought this summer has been terrible, pale pink and practically flavorless.

But not this one. Oh, no, this one was good. We cut it open tonight, and the flesh was dark pink/approaching red, and crisp and sweet and just exactly how a watermelon should be.

And between that and the banana bread mom had in the oven when I got home from sitting, I had a very pleasant evening. How was yours?
Tags: family, food rocks, real life

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