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it's kinda weird how i have no mcu icons, considering how much i adore it

Today was a good day, Internet.

(Maybe not my best day since February, which you'd think my lack of posts since then might indicate, but probably in the top ten.)

I got to see my grandparents, who are doing well for their age and health. Which is to say: not great, but alright. And I don't see them nearly enough, so that was nice.

In visiting them, I got to retrieve my beloved red leather jacket that I left there when I visited them last fall. It fits as well as I remember, is super comfy, and just generally makes me happy to wear.

And after I came home, I got to see Iron Man 3. [And let me tell you, that was something.]At first my reactions were all "!!!" You know, when you've barely had time to process so your most coherent thoughts are just generically excited?

So for a while this post was gonna be something like: Pfffhahaha, that song! !!! Yinsen! omg, AIM! D: whOA THAT PLANT JUST BLEW UP, etc. And for some things, that reaction has lasted. (See: omg, was that Linden Ashby?!?!) For others...

I love that Tony was having trouble adjusting to what happened during The Avengers. I think that makes sense! You meet a godlike alien, barely beat back an alien invasion, and fly a nuke into the mothership in the same day, that should mess with your head! And for self-declared hot mess Tony Stark, that should absolutely make you anxious. I love that they took that direction. I think that's great.

And speaking of great things, so is the Orientalist fantasy of the Mandarin, emphasis on "fantasy". Like... god, that was clever, and so well-executed. Shows we can take an old, 'classic' character and adapt it without uncritically adapting the problematic aspects of it.

As for the rest of the story... to be honest, I came into it a bit confused, because I'd somehow gotten it into my head that in the comics Extremis was some kinda technopathy Tony got that allowed him to remotely control his suits? Clearly, this is not the case, but I did like all the JARVIS-controlled suits flying around at the end there. (Kinda bummed Tony blew them all up at the end-end there, but I guess they were too strongly tied to that hiding, avoidant mentality he'd had since The Avengers. If he's gonna make a new him, better to start fresh with new suits too.)

(I hope he makes another one like 42, though.)

Also bummed about Maya (Maya? I... think that was her name??) getting killed off - I mean, I get that her presence later woulda super complicated things, and to just sideline her until a last-minute arrest would've felt wrong too. I barely had time to adjust to the "no, I'm secretly still working with AIM after all!" twist before the "...but I'm actually just manipulating him so I can complete my ~masterpiece~" reveal. Jumping from that to "sullenly being arrested" would've been too much.

But I'd've rather she died from Extremis than from Gillian (?) showing how Bad he can be. That's a tired card to play.

The man himself was a little blah overall, but he's served his purpose: AIM exists in the MCU now! Between that, HYDRA, and SHIELD, I think we've just about covered all the major acronym'd organizations of the Marvel universe.

Other things:
- Pepper was fantastic?? Uh, the reveal of her in the suit in previews made my week, and Extremis!Pepper was amazing. I coulda done without the trophy comments and the second-hour-in-a-sports-bra, but I pin that shit firmly on the Eldritch horror. (Seriously, what is his name??)
- Rhodey was kickass. I was a little sad, in retrospect, that he didn't have much to do besides kicking ass - if that makes any sense? Like, his purpose was 1) used as a weapon by the US (which, fair's fair, is kinda his job) 2) used as a decoy by AIM 3) used as backup by Tony. Not any particularly complex motivations involved in that. He's not even torn between duty and friendship like he used to be! (And okay, that's because Tony is unarguably in the right here, but come on, give me something.)
- I think I need to say it again: the giant multisuit battle at the end? Amazing. I'm still in awe just thinking about it. (I laughed at the giant list of SFX people in the credits, but just this one scene must've been incredibly challenging to create. Small wonder there's so many of them.)
- Yeah, okay, that kid was adorable. You know it, I know it, do we really need to discuss it?
- The post-credits bit was fun. Maybe not as... big? as they used to be? But I have a feeling the next MCU movie to involve Tony is so far off (Avengers 2, I figure) that they've got nothing concrete written to foreshadow. So just confirming that Bruce is still around the NY office is nice. Low key, got a few laughs out of me, and... yeah, nice.
- I spent such a long time trying to figure out where I knew the VP actor from (Miguel Ferrer; probably from idle viewings of Crossing Jordan and an alarming number of DCAU voice acting jobs) that I was sure he was gonna be important long-term. Didn't expect the "sullenly being arrested" scene at the end, but I was happy to be surprised.
- At first I thought Tony gave the kid Dummy, but then when he drove away from the wreckage of the house dragging Dummy behind him, I realized that the truth was even better: he'd given the kid a Dummy of his own. That's sweet.
Tags: *marvel, i'm excited, i'm such a fangirl sometimes, movies, plot twists rock, plot twists surprise me, squee

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