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Posting has begun! There are lots of neat fics out there, and plenty more to come in the next week. The one written for me isn't up yet, but the one I wrote is!

Werewolf in the Fold (Star Trek/Teen Wolf, ~5000 words)
When the two survivors (and only suspects) of a colony massacre are brought aboard the Enterprise for transport to their trials, Ensign McCall suspects there's a bigger mystery behind it all - and not just the mystery of the younger suspect, the captivating Allison Argent, who has yet to say a word since the massacre.

Even though it's the longest finished thing I've written since my 2010 big bang, I wish I could have added more. I had all sorts of awesome subplots and characters I wanted to add... but I ran out of time to get it all in there. Eh, what can you do?

Edit: And the fic written for me is out! \o/

Once Was Quiet (Firefly/Stargate SG-1, ~4000 words)
Nobody had heard from the colony for a while, but now business brings them there.

It's got incredibly good character voices for two fandoms with (to my mind) a number of characters that are both distinct and difficult to write. That alone would make it impressive, but it also does a really excellent job meshing these two universes together.
Tags: *st, *tw, writing frustrates me, writing rocks

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