Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

boostlethon is here! \o/

And I was incredibly, incredibly lucky to receive an Earth-11 (aka Rule 63 world) fic by the talented fleur_de_liz: Queenside Castle

Theodora Kord hasn't dealt well with Booster's death. When a couple of time travelers offer her a chance to change the past, will she take it?

I love so many things about this fic. It does a lot of things I love to see in Rule 63 fics, like bringing in some really clever name adjustments, and incorporating minor shifts in personality and behavior due to societal influences/expectations, while keeping the fundamental personalities the same. Jaime's still a polite, well-meaning kid, Rip's still a secretive asshole, things like that. Barda, in her brief cameo, is delightfully identical to canon in all the ways that matter.

Beyond simply being an excellent Rule 63 fic, it's also an excellent fix-it fic for Booster's death, among other things. I won't spoil the specifics here beyond encouraging you to read even if Rule 63 isn't your usual thing. I'm confident you'll like the fic anyway.

The fic I wrote for idiosyn was a bit less epic and a little more sappy - they asked for Booster carrying on some of Ted's holiday traditions with Rani, Rip, and Michelle, and I think I managed that: Light it Up

"Come on, Booster, where's your holiday spirit?" And when Rip Hunter was the one asking, that became a very good question.
Tags: *dcu, fandom rocks, i'm excited, recs, squee, writing rocks

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