Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

I had something of an Adventure today

Well, yesterday at this point.

And I suppose it's less of an Adventure, more of a Day Wherein I Actually Went Outside and Did Stuff.

But, you know, that amounts to about the same thing for me. And besides, this title is more appropriate to the content of this post than it appears! I'd rather keep it for the amusement factor than remove it for accuracy's sake.

The Cliff Notes version of events is:

  • Wake up. Shit, you're gonna be late for that babysitting job!

  • Hurryhurryhurryhurry but don't speed.

  • ...don't speed enough to get noticed.

  • Four and a half hours of babysitting.

  • While headed home, learn that you're on your own for dinner.

  • Knowing how empty the fridge is, find a restaurant. Enjoy a steak and a cocktail. Why not? You deserve it.

  • Exit the restaurant. Notice that it happens to be next door to a movie theater.

  • Think, "What the hell, it's not like anyone's at home waiting for me."

  • See Wreck-It Ralph. Marvel at how good a movie it is, how subtly some of the foreshadowing is done, and how many of the voices you recognize. Be surprised that you didn't recognize Alan Tudyk. That guy's got some hidden talents there. Wish you'd played more video games so you'd appreciate all these cameos.

  • (Also, find it amusing that you've learned of the Monsters Inc. 3D rerelease not three hours after watching the 2D version with your babysittees.)

  • Exit the theater. Notice people dressed as elves walking into the theater.

  • Think, "What the hell, I'm already here." Send a text to parents informing them not to wait up.

  • See The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Marvel at the music, Gandalf's sheer perfection as a character, Thorin's majesty, the music, Gollum, the gratuitous Lord of the Rings cameos, and the music. And Radagast the Brown. That guy's pretty cool for somebody with bird shit on his face.

  • (Also make note of the never before seen clips in the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer preceding the film.)
    • Be glad Spock/Uhura is still a thing, even as you grow excited about Scotty/Uhura interaction.
    • Wonder why Chekov's wearing red. Hope it's not for a cheap redshirt joke. (You've been worrying about his odds of escaping this movie unscathed based on all the Wrath of Khan parallels revealed thus far.)
    • Audibly freak out about hands pressed against glass, alarming moviegoers on either side of you. Don't care if they judge you, this is worth freaking out over.
  • Return home. It's past four in the morning, this is the first time you've been in the place in over twelve hours, and dad has waited up for you. Hope you're pleased with yourself.

  • (You are.)
Tags: *st, i'm a strange person, i'm excited, i'm such a fangirl sometimes, movies, plot twists rock, plot twists surprise me, real life, squee

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