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pmmm thoughts. and by thoughts, I mean crossover and fusion ideas.

I finished watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica last week! The ending blew my mind in the best possible way, though I unknowingly predicted a major event of the final episode during episode three. It's a really great series all around, I highly recommend it. If you're interested, the entire series is legally available for free on Hulu and Crunchyroll (and other sites as well, I'm sure).

And now, I give you:

Fictional Teenage Girls I'd Like to See Become Magical Girls a la PMMM: An Incomplete List

[Spoiler (click to open)]
  • Allison Argent (Teen Wolf). I'm thinking Kyuubey introduces himself early in the season, just to prime Allison to the idea? And then after the moment that left her feeling helpless and power-hungry in canon, she goes to Kyuubey for that power instead of her aunt. Her weapon's a bow, that seems given; maybe her Magical Girl uniform is similar to her Winter Formal dress? I imagine she comes very close to a pitch black Soul Gem towards the middle of Season 2, what with all that grieving she's doing then. Gerard actually does her a favor, giving her purpose again, dark though it may be.

  • Stephanie Brown (DCU, Batgirl). She's definitely got the kind of background that would make the wish appealing, and pre-Spoiler I definitely think she'd take it. After she got to know Batman and Robin, it's hard to say, but still plausible. Her outfit and Soul Gem are eggplant colored, obviously, and I'm thinking fairly casual? Something easy to move in, that wouldn't draw too much attention from passerby? And while my impulse is to say she'd be similar to Mami as a Magical Girl, given the timing of her contract I actually think she'd be more like Kyoko, at least at first. Maybe later, over time, her anger would fade analogously to canon.

  • Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13). I'm thinking after Joshua disappears? She's a bit young, but at the right emotional place for it. Not sure what she'd ask for - if it's to be able to find/rescue her brother, then Claudia would develop dimensional travel abilities. Which is pretty damn cool! If it's to be able to find the ones that did this to her brother? I imagine she'd develop magical hacking abilities, to be able to get into the Warehouse. Her streak of dyed hair, rather than getting changed every other week, is now a quirk of her Magical Girl status, matching the color of her Soul Gem and outfit. Which I'd like to be a little punk rocker, but I don't know if prepubescent Claudia had the same interests that postpubescent Claudia does.

  • Hyuuga Hinata (Naruto). I imagine she'd only contract before the chuunin exams - i.e., before Naruto loudly and enthusiastically supports her working hard to achieve her goals - unusually, or so it seems to me, out of feelings of clan obligation. All she has to do is wish to be the best clan heir/wish Neji was the heir/wish Hanabi had been born first, and her problems are solved! Well, aside from the problems inherent to being a Magical Girl. I worry that Hinata would go the way of cycle-universe Sayaka, overexerting herself for Naruto's sake or something.

  • Inoue Orihime (Bleach). I feel like Orihime both has a lot of potential as a Magical Girl, and would enjoy the hell out of it. See: her canon behavior when she discovered her magical abilities! I bet she'd contract the day she lost her brother - whether she could make the contract in time to save him, I'm less certain. I think the Incubators would prefer she not have her brother around, for the increased emotional volatility? At least in the witch-universe, I'm not as sure about the cycle-universe. Her Soul Gem resides in the hairpins her brother gave her, and her powers are still barrier-related. So maybe her wish is that she could have protected her brother from harm? Her powers are primarily defensive...

  • Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf). To be honest, I'm less interested in what she would be like as a magical girl - I don't actually believe she'd contract - but I love the mental image of Lydia interrogating Kyuubey about the contract, asking such elaborate, detailed questions that Kyuubey can't avoid giving the answers it knows puts girls off contracting.

  • Amy Pond (Doctor Who). During those teen years, bored with her town and angry with the Doctor for leaving her (and with everyone else for thinking she's nuts)... yeah, I can see that appealing to the Incubators. And the ability to find the Doctor once and for all would appeal to Amy! That kind of wish seems like it would turn Amy into something of a one-person TARDIS, traveling through spacetime at random in attempts to fulfill her wish. TARDIS blue Soul Gem to go with that wish, I think, and Amy's outfit involves a miniskirt.

  • Erica Reyes (Teen Wolf). Another easy one - she hates her seizures, hates being invisible, so she wishes to be pretty and healthy and noticeable. Not sure what her outfit is, but I'm fairly certain it involves leather and/or corsets and is tight and low-cut. Her weapon is... her claws? Something for close combat, definitely, but a side-effect of her wish is increased durability and/or healing (like Mami).

  • Rose Tyler (Doctor Who). Pre-canon Rose seems like the type to make a contract if it would get her out of her dull life. She might even wish to be able to save her father's life, getting temporal powers like Homura's in the process which would be sure to draw the Doctor's attention. A yellow Soul Gem, I think, to match her Bad Wolf glowiness, and an outfit/weapon that would suit with her gymnastics background.

  • This isn't a specific character, but: Vulcans (Star Trek). Allll the Vulcan ladies. What with their super strong, super difficult to control emotions, pre-Surakian Vulcans sound like the Incubators' ideal Magical Girls. I'm perfectly willing to ignore Enterprise canon and say that Surak turned his people from their violent, emotional ways just in time for the Incubators to discover the ancestral humans they would mold into their new Magical Girl species.

  • ...I'll probably keep adding to this list as new ideas come to me.
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