Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

oh, teen wolf. why.

Being in the Teen Wolf fandom can really be strange for me. I'm more sharply, noticeably of two minds about the show than I've been of anything else I can recall. On one hand, I just really enjoy this well designed, interestingly plotted story that invokes a lot of tropes I adore, both textually and subtextually. And on the other, I've got this Doylist, sort of social justice influenced perspective on the writing/writers/show as a whole, which leaves me feeling critical of the show for not being as perfect as people claim it is/as I wish it could be.

And then I get annoyed by this negative thinking, because the urge to just enjoy the show for what it is is very strong, and there are days when shit's going on irl and it's easier to just... not think about it too deeply. But I feel terrible for doing that, because there're people out there who can't take a break like that because representation/erasure/etc. impacts their day to day lives, where for me it's more like an abstract irri you know what, no, that's a topic I am not equipped to address on a good day, much less today.

Even when I'm actively trying not to think critically - usually when I'm just looking for a moment of glee to brighten my day - I still have this bizarre, disorienting double layered thought process come up, even just looking at a Boyd/Erica fanart. One side of me goes "you know, they're only a big ship because of the role swap Boyd and Isaac got in Act 3 of this season because of the bullshit surrounding Sinqua's job security on the show; basically, in exchange for losing the potential ~werewolf BFF~ in Scott, Boyd got the potential ~werewolf girlfriend~ in Erica; isn't that the worst thing you've ever heard for so many reasons?"

Meanwhile, the other side of me is going "eeeeee, they're so cute, I ship it so hard!"

Like I said. Disorienting.

This also makes producing fanstuffs both a lot of fun and awfully difficult. Which is why, though I've written more for this show in four months than fandoms I've been in for years, including my longest WIP since I was fifteen, it's been a month since I posted anything, nearly two since I added to that WIP.

(And since I'm already on the subject, a brief statement on my mixed feelings about the collapse of the (illusion of a) fourth wall: What the writer/cast/crew seem willing to do to keep their enthusiastic fanbase is almost Machiavellian, and I'm never quite sure if I admire that sort of thing or am horrified by it.)
Tags: *tw, fandom, i'm a strange person, i'm confused, writing frustrates me

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