Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

14: Ultimate Spider-Man

I finally gave in to all the tempting, ridiculous gifs floating around online and watched what's available of the show. It's... kind of hilarious? And awesome?

I mean, it's very firmly set in a wacky version of Peter's PoV, including chibified fantasy sequences, literal pauses in the action for narration and exposition, and near gratuitous use of video game formating (VERSUS and split screens at the beginning of the fight, K.O. at the end, etc.) for fight sequences. There's tons of cameos and reference to other Marvel heroes and villains, which given my love for continuity and self-reference is a huge plus. Of the main cast, I especially love Aunt May, who turned badass at some point when I wasn't looking. I also find Coulson to be super accurate and fantastic; Fury is voiced by Chi McBride (hence my icon) and is beyond amazing. And while I'm not familiar with the other characters wrt their comic book background, I like them. (Except Iron Fist's hair. I'm never going to like that.)

Anybody else seen the show? What d'you think? Somebody please tell me I'm not imagining the love/hatemance between Spidey and Nova, because it is driving me nuts.
Tags: *marvel

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