Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

13: Remix

Not naming names, since we've got quite a while before posting and a while after that before reveals, but I've really enjoyed my remix experience so far this year. I didn't remix in any fandom I was expecting to - it's one I've never written for before, and I worry that it shows - but I did enjoy writing it. I think I might have accidentally a theme? Hopefully I'm just imagining it.

I'm enjoying looking at that Mystery Work on my gifts page, wondering what they've picked this year. Last year was a surprise - my Psych/Sherlock crossover, of all things - and the year before saw a beautifully remixed Supernatural drabble. I haven't written enough lately to expect something recent to be remixed, but there's a few stories I'd love to see another side to; everything else is fuzzy enough in my memory that it'll be more like reading something entirely new. I'm sure it'll be a good read regardless.
Tags: !fic writing

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