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a story-obsessed epistemophiliac

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we are not amused, tribbles
Meredith gladdecease
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11: Horrible Histories
(Prefacing this post with a slight change to the previously established guidelines for this experiment: there are some days when I struggle to come up with something specific that made me happy. There are days when I struggle to come up with anything that made me happy. And there are days where I could make you a list. To reflect that, I'm eliminating the once daily posting, to hopefully be replaced with more frequent posts, even if they're just a series of embedded videos.)

I only discovered Horrible Histories a few days ago when videos began popping up on my flist. They're kind of awesome, pretty accurate to my eye, and fun to watch; take a look!

I'm guessing you're already familiar with the show? It's completely new to me, proving once again how limited my knowledge of British television is. But I like it; it kind of reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock, if it'd been made in the UK and focused entirely on history.

It is a constant source of joy, yes. British kids TV is generally aces.

I am unfamiliar with Schoolhouse Rock, however.

The shorts were shown between cartoons on Saturday mornings in the 70s, mostly covering grammar, US history, and science. They were revived in the 90s, so I more or less grew up on them. The sketches most people are familiar with (which also happen to be my favorites) are Conjunction Junction, I'm Just a Bill, and Interplanet Janet.