Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

07/08: No Place Like Home

...even if you forget to bring your laptop with you.

Highlights of the weekend include learning that my cousin is a Doctor Who fan*, getting to play some Ace Attorney for the first time in years, and delicious delicious seder food, a good amount of which I got to bring home as leftovers.

* This was especially awesome, leading to more irl discussion of Who than I've had since I first started watching. And he's got such good taste - his favorite companion is Martha because of badass, and his favorite Doctor is Tennant! He criticized Smith's Doctor as trying too hard to be lighthearted, which, while we agreed it was probably intentional on the part of writers/actors, was still jarring for him to watch in more serious scenes.
Tags: *dw/tw, family, i'm a jew, real life

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