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Meredith gladdecease
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06: Matzah Brei
Easily my favorite thing about any holiday is the special food associated with it. So of course I love the "Kosher for Passover" aisle at my grocery store, and have raided it several times over the past few weeks, looking for good things and snatching them up. (See: Joyva Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Twists, which for two weeks were only available in cherry flavor, but last Friday I finally snagged a box of vanilla.) My biggest purchase there was a five box pack of matzah, which cost about twenty dollars less than it should have because of the holiday. I like matzah fine on its own, and got through half a box idly nibbling on one every once in awhile, but today I finally gave in and made my first matzah-based meal of the year.

For those not in the know, matzah brei is a little like French toast, if you switch the toast for water-soaked crackers and cut out the milk in the egg-milk dip. You then dump your eggy crackers on the stove and scramble them. Or mold them into a cake and treat it more like a frittata, but I've never been able to pull that method off. Serve hot, with whatever breakfasty topping you prefer.

I like to drown mine in syrup.