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a story-obsessed epistemophiliac

all I want is to know

all eyes on you, melodies in minor keys
Meredith gladdecease
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I need to request "[character]/being awesome" more often, it gets me such delightful fic.
I received two fics through fandom_stocking this year - one a fantastically silly bit of dialogue between Shawn and Gus called The King of Road Drinks (Psych, ~200 words), and the other a moment in Stephanie Brown's future of awesome (running "Batgirl Inc.", an idea which I approve of wholeheartedly) called A Red Stone Bird (DCU, ~900 words, Steph/Damian).

I also wrote two fics - one a moment of Kogoro/Eri bashfulness (the subject title of the original comment being "Only in Detective Conan can a married couple have UST."), and the other a crossover between - I kid you not - Stargate Atlantis and Nodame Cantabile.