Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

*hugs the internet*

With the combination of "internet hooked up at my new apartment" and "school has started again", I am properly back online. This was my first move with a long delay between move-in and internet access, and I kind of screwed up a lot of things in the weeks immediately before/after the move, both online and off. To those who know what I'm talking about - I am very incredibly sorry. I should have been more aware of timelines and deadlines, and I wasn't.

There's nothing for me to do about that now, except apologize and move on.

During my access-less period I've been writing quite a bit - with any luck, a few short Detective Conan pieces will be coming out, as well as a last few stories inspired by my au_bingo card from way back when (top of the list being a tiny snippet of an X-Men/Hunger Games fusion), and I've also got a canon-style Warehouse 13 story in-progress. After that, I'm likely signing up for one of the Novaks related challenges (Novakfest or jimmybigbang), polishing up my help_japan fics, then getting to work on my long-standing unfinished stories/challenge tables.

How have you been?
Tags: !fic writing, *dc/mk, *spn, i'm a bad person, i'm a dumbass, writing frustrates me, writing rocks

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