Meredith (gladdecease) wrote,

SPN 6.21, 6.22

I spent two hours liveblogging on tumblr, and the finale (understandably) left me kind of emotionally exhausted. If you want the full reaction, capslock and keyboard smashes and all, you can check it out there.

For my slightly more coherent reaction to the end...

Castiel is god and everything hurts.

Maybe it’s all the Stargate I’ve been watching, but incredibly powerful people declaring themselves gods seems like a bad thing to me.

Or maybe it’s just that this is the exact opposite of where I wanted Castiel’s story to go.

I wanted a Castiel made more human by his emotional bonds with others. Not this would-be godhead who has no family, who has no need for others if they refuse to bow down before him.

This isn’t the Castiel I knew. This isn’t my Castiel.

Please, please let season 7 be about Sam and Dean saving Castiel from his newly warped and twisted self. Please. I can’t stand what he’s become, and I hate what it implies.
Tags: *spn, plot twists suck

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