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some days you just need some chocolate
Hey guys.

Sorry I haven't been around much - livejournal requires a more... thoughtful type of blogging than I've been capable of lately. Tumblr and twitter are more casual, sometimes thought-provoking but rarely thought-requiring. They're easier to use when I have less time and energy to put into things.

But I'm going to do an experiment this month. If it works, maybe longer.

I think it's no secret that I'm depressed and emotionally unstable. My mood can easily swing from giddy to gloomy and back again depending on what I'm doing and what people are saying to/around me. Since what I'm hearing these days (both on individual and widespread topics) is so overwhelmingly negative, it's been more and more common to find me in a sad, miserable funk.

I want to change that.

Starting today, I'm going to use this journal to describe things that make me happy. The amount of detail may change, and I might not explain why, but I think just having a list to look over later will make things easier, and I think it could really help me.

WHAT; spittake
This one is cheating a little - the incident in question happened yesterday, but as it's still making me smile I think it counts.

I'd gone to the diner near my apartment for lunch, and turned to the TV they have hanging on the wall while I waited for my order. Usually they've got a channel on I can absently watch, the news or Family Feud or something, but usually I come in during the week. On the weekends, apparently, they turn to one of the sports channels. A local soccer team was playing, though I couldn't tell you if they were playing well, as I never noticed the score. I was more distracted by their uniforms.

Or, rather, the large logo on their uniforms. To my bewildered amusement, every person on the team had, in large letters, the word "BIMBO" written across their chests.

Wondering if someone had lost a bet, I continued to watch. As it turns out, the team is sponsored by Bimbo Bakeries (pronounced 'beembo'). Still, I have to think that whoever designed the advertisement placement on those uniforms had a grudge against the team, because it is almost... obnoxious how big and center focused that logo is.




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