fanfic is a strange thing

remember comment_fic?

I did a lot of fic based off their prompts a couple years ago, and still keep track of their posting just in case I get in the ficcing spirit again. Anyway, they've made some changes recently, including creating AO3 collections for their fics!

I spent an hour or so yesterday adding all of my comment fics already on AO3 to the relevant collections - the collections go by year, and you add your fic to the collection for the year you wrote it, plus the year the prompt was made if it was an older prompt. Volunteers are going through old posts and using the outside bookmarking function to link to comment fics not on AO3, as a prompt fill search function for the comm. If you've got some time, or comment fics already crossposted, why not add yours to the collections?
writing can be fun!

remix reveals!

Remix reveals have happened!

I took Brenda's fic As Time Goes By, in which Tony creates a pre-op ritual for the Avengers of macking on Cap, Clint feels guilty, and Steve misses Bucky, and thought to myself "okay, so let's add Bucky."*

This gave me As Time Goes By (The Fundamental Things Apply Remix), in which Bucky, remembering himself, watches the Avengers, watches over the Avengers, and eventually refuses to let Steve get away with erasing that pre-op ritual.

It's not what I wanted to write at the start - that fic was going to be The Passing It On Remix, and in it Clint was going to talk Bucky though his own, similar guilt, with a bit of a postscript of Bucky getting into the pre-op kissing - but that fic just wouldn't come together in time.

The Fundamental Things Apply is a little more lighthearted, a little recovery details-light, and ends silly and fluffy as hell. Once I accepted this was not going to be a Serious Fic, I guess I kind of embraced that? And tbh, the mental image of Bucky V-J Day kissing Steve made me smile for days after I wrote it.

*(Funnily enough, that's the same thought process someone else had for a Remix Madness take on the same fic.)
*I* don't understand what's going on

rrr lj; space_swap; remix

I don't know if I'm actually going to make the switch over, but lj is something of a nightmare these days, and I'm tempted more often than not.

Either way, I've crossposted all of my active challenge tables. When lj cooperates I'll keep those tables updated, but I think the dw versions will be the primary tables.

[community profile] space_swap reveals went up Saturday - the wonderful Star Trek: AOS podfic that was recorded for me was done by nickelmountain, who has a lovely recording voice and has recorded podfics in a number of my other fandoms, which I'm gonna check out soonish.

I, in a terribly predictable move, wrote the only crossover of the exchange - so are thunder and lightning, in which Martha Jones investigates the second Thor incident before leaving UNIT to go freelance - for raktajinos.

Also of interest this weekend was the Remix Redux 11 collection going live! Some mysterious author wrote an interesting take on my Carol Marcus study, simply titled Ripples Remix. If you think you know which remix I did, leave a comment with the link! If you're right, I'll write you a ficlet. c:
*I* don't understand what's going on

state of the blogger

So last week, after suffering through a upsetting, highly stressful on multiple levels weekend, I made the decision to more or less cut out tumblr. I check for things tagged me, and sometimes save drafts of things I think I'll want to reblog once (if) I get more active again, but no dash surfing. I felt like that ate up a lot of my time, so without it I'd have more time for other things. Even if those things were just mindless de-stressors, which at the time I probably needed.

Turns out fannishness is like a gas: it expands to fill the volume you provide. Removing tumblr just meant I spend more time on AO3.

But hey, a not insignificant portion of that time on AO3 has been spent writing. Not sure how much of that productivity I can blame on being tumblr-less and how much I can blame on Winter Soldier, but they both had an impact, I think. (Ugh, do not get me started on Winter Soldier. Wow, feels. Such acting. Very parallels. I have multiple fics in progress, let's leave it at that.)

And AO3 manages to be less stressful (AO3 lacking in modes of communication, and kudos being the blessing to the socially anxious that they are) and more positive emotions-inducing (people like my fic! they really like it! that is always a gratifying feeling) than tumblr. So, at least until things stop being painful irl, I'm keeping away from active tumbling.

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So, I was in a car accident today. Icy roads, lost traction, skidded, swerved into a snow bank, blah blah blah. Car’s fine - the front bumper’s popped out a bit, that’s all - and I’m fine, as far as I can tell. A little shaken up, but who wouldn’t be?

Just thought some of you might want to know.
the facts were these:

so it goes

I started watching The West Wing last week (on season two, no spoilers please!), and I read The Book Thief today, and they made me think of Vonnegut.

You may be thinking "okay, yeah, I can see how the themes of the effects of war and the somewhat time-fluid narrative/unusual narrator could connect Vonnegut to The Book Thief, but The West Wing? What??

I haven't read as much of Vonnegut as I'd like, but one thing that consistently strikes me about his works is the apparently random scenes - sometimes just sentences - that he intersperses a more coherent a/o linear narrative with, bringing up that same scene once every few chapters, not really seeming to make a point with it... only to punch you in the face with its relevance and deeper meaning right at the climax.

It's something The Book Thief did, and it's a technique that The West Wing uses in more lighthearted contexts, and it is maybe the one thing I want to successfully accomplish in a piece of fiction.